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How to Inspire Innovation in Yourself and Others

Our economy is in the throes of a major structural shift – the most disruptive since the Industrial Revolution. The market place is evolving rapidly and analysts have forecast that only the most innovative businesses will succeed. Learn how to remain competitive through these changes and how your people can bring new ideas to the table. Innovation will determine the future of your company, and now is the time to prepare for the challenges ahead.

This one-hour seminar will show you how to come up with new ideas for your company:  new ways to increase business... new uses for old products... new techniques to close sales... new methods for increasing productivity!

Ingenuity is not a gift; it is a skill that can be cultivated at any time or any age, but it is a critical skill in today’s economy. The trick is getting those creative juices flowing. In this fun, interview by David Greenberg, Robert Wilson shares his secrets for harnessing your own creative abilities. He talks about practical techniques you can apply immediately to your work and your personal life.

The result is you will be better prepared to handle unexpected obstacles... you will generate more ideas for keeping your company at the front of the pack... and you will enjoy more fulfillment in all your endeavors.  Plus, you’ll learn how to apply one of his special Innovation Tools® for stimulating new ideas on demand!

With his fresh new approach for awakening the Discovery Process, Robert will show you how to think like an innovator and come up with new ideas when you need them the most.  Order Your Copy Today.

One-hour MP3 audio. Instant download after purchase.

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