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No-Cost to Low-Cost Marketing for Your Business

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Marketing is a whole lot more than advertising. And, if your marketing strategy is aggressive enough, you may not have to spend a dime on advertising. Successful marketing means you no longer have to compete on the basis of price. It also means your customers are seeking you out... instead of the other way around. Wouldn't you like to be doing business this way?

Now you can! In this presentation*, award-winning marketing consultant, Robert Wilson will share with you:

* 20 Highly Effective Marketing Tactics That Cost You Nothing.

* 20 Additional Tactics That Cost Only Pennies Per Prospect.

* The One Tactic That Allows You To Raise Your Prices.

* A Six Step Marketing Plan For Business Success.

* How To Get The Most Out Of Your Advertising Dollar.

Learn how to use this powerful tool to grow your company. Call today, to schedule this information-packed presentation for your organization.

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(Contact us today, for this inexpensive and convenient way to learn!)

Comments about Robert Wilson's
No-Cost to Low-Cost Marketing for Your Business

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class... it was like drinking from a fire hydrant because you gave us so much information.”
Elizabeth Howe, VP, Know-Howe Construction

What did you like about this program?
"Very good speaker, covered a lot of material."
"Greatest speaker by far!!!" (out of six heard previously)
"I learned a lot about basic marketing that I haven't thought of before."
"He kept my attention and I learned so many new ways to promote my business."
"Robert gave good examples that helped me to understand."
"Mr. Wilson provided many helpful examples to use in my business. I will recommend this program because it teaches a basic understanding of marketing and it gave me good ideas."
"Mr. Wilson is a very enthusiastic speaker, very lively and humorous."
"Great Ideas! Great Speaker!"
"This program was very practical."
"Program was very informative."
"Information was easy to understand."
"What I liked best about this program were Robert's nuggets of wisdom."
"The program was thorough."
"Robert Wilson is an excellent speaker. The time went by very fast. He is good!"

What would you like to see changed for future programs?
"Nothing as long as Robert Wilson is the instructor."

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